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Hosted Services Hyperlife

Cloud hosted services provided by Hyperlife Solutions in partnership with our Partner Data centers, utilizing all about Microsoft and other Technologies gives you the ultimate flexibility to remotely access your business applications.

Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop enables remote working with constant access to all your data and applications, safe in the knowledge that your files are secure and backed up with excellent IT support available.

Hosted Desktop WebAccess

Providing you with access to your hosted desktop in a web browser. Read more about Hosted Desktop WebAccess

Hosted Application

Providing you with instant access to the specialist software packages that are essential for your business.

Hosted Server (VPS)

A virtual private server (VPS), is a partition of a physical server, which provides the power and functionality of a high-end dedicated server at a fraction of the price.

Hosted Website

Make your website accessible via the World Wide Web, on our low cost monthly plan.

Hosted Exchange

Provides you with access at any time to your emails and means you no longer have the hassle and cost of maintaining an in-house Microsoft Exchange email server.

Hosted SharePoint

Offers a secure online workspace for managing documents, connecting virtual teams and planning projects.

Email Archive

Offers a complete solution to your email storage and retrieval needs.

Backup to Site

Gives you the ability to back-up your flat data files to a local machine or hard drive providing added security for your business.

Secure Document Exchange

Gives you the ability to deliver documents to your clients instantly and securely.

AS & AV Email Filtering

Offers your business a comprehensive solution to email threats.


Allows you to backup and restore data speedily and securely over the internet.


Excellent Support

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Why HyperLife Solutions?

Managed Services

As a local IT solutions company, Hyperlife Solutions Ltd combines the infrastructure with advanced practices to remove inefficiencies and increase core competencies. From the quality of your service desk to securing your mobile devices and closely monitoring enterprise software, Hyperlife does more than deliver IT services. We strategically elevate the performance of your IT organization in measurable ways for the benefit of everyone connected to your enterprise. Our end-to-end IT solution includes four integrated IT managed services, providing increased employee productivity, optimized system performance and measurable infrastructure ROI.

Remote Monitoring

Cloud-based monitoring and management of Windows, Mac & Linux endpoints with integrated Professional Services Automation, Application Management and Endpoint Security Management. We have a panoramic view of all devices we manage, and we take action when needed automatically and manually.

Email Security

Over the past months, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of Ransomware and Phishing attacks. Those may need to a serious disaster and loss of income and not only. We have solutions that can assist in protecting you.

Managed IT Services

The Benefits

It’s clear that the main advantage of Managed Services over conventional break-fix support is the ability to identify and resolve problems before they have the opportunity to negatively impact your business operations. Proactively managed technology runs more smoothly than that which is reactively fixed – there is no doubt. Network monitoring, patch management and other forms of ongoing optimization equip you with a network that runs more efficiently and does a better job of supporting your operations. Managed Services ensure that problems are prevented rather than dealt with retrospectively, and needless to say you save time that you can instead dedicate to doing your real job of running your business.